Build the Go-to Online Community for Your Market

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“I should've switched from Facebook groups years ago.”

You Don't Show Up on Google

So your market can't find you or link to your content – killing your company's referrals as a result.

You (or Your Data) Can Never Get Out

Like most big-tech roach motels, you have no control of member data – so your community pays with their privacy.

You Pay a Penalty for Growth

Per-user pricing is prohibitively expensive for communities so you either pay through the nose or can never afford features your community wants.

Get a More Engaged Community, Build Your Content Moat

Worry-free Pricing

Simple, worry-free pricing that lets you grow your community without worrying about spending a penny more.

  • No message limits or per-user pricing.
  • Create unlimited public, private, and paid community channels.
  • User-generated content for no extra marketing costs
  • User-curated content via upvoting and link-sharing
  • A natural place to amplify your current content marketing

Your Community, Your Terms

Make members fall in love with your brand by crafting a great experience the moment they step through your front door.

  • Custom domain, logo and brand color
  • Easy data import and export
  • You keep ownership of all member and community data
  • Automate engagement with recurring threads Coming Soon
  • Keep quality high with built-in member applications Coming Soon
  • Customizable member onboarding experience Coming Soon

Baked-in SEO + Monetization

Let your market find you then go behind the velvet rope with public, private, and paid community areas.

  • A discoverable community that will attract your market
  • Custom links in your community navigation
  • VIP access for your best customers
  • Take payments directly from Stripe Coming Soon
  • Beautiful social sharing images built-in Coming Soon

Build a Community in Minutes

1. Sign up for early-access

2. Create your community

3. Invite your first members

“Starting the Indiehackers community allowed me to launch must faster and gave me an advantage in customer research for all product development going forward.”

Our mission is to help you build the go-to online community for your market

We’ve met countless business owners who want to start an online community, but are busy doing 100 other things.

The result is wasted time, ghost-towns, and communities that never take off.

Inter was created so you can enjoy the process of building your community and making sure it takes off.

Online Community Examples

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We're currently in beta. Click the button above to reserve your spot in seconds.